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Anti-Aging Diary - 2007's journey to youth, longevity and fitness from Reverse Aging Now, the anti-aging video.


Can we Reverse Aging ? The short answer is YES!

It took the better part of a year. My progress is documented through these pages. After losing 35 pounds and training steadily, with some natural apprehension I again did the Malibu Triathlon, five years after my first go around.

With Red Sox fan Jeff Lezberg - photo by Ms. Lezberg

Like so many middle-aged men in this country I earn my living while sitting at a desk. I am an ordinary guy whose letter sport was also earned while sitting - I rowed crew, so I don't have any inherent althletic predisposition. However I do work at it.

The last thing I want to do before 8:00 AM on a Sunday is jump into cold surf and fight off middle aged men scrumming for position while I swim half mile, but I did that September 16th in Malibu, followed by 18 miles of hilly biking, and a 4 mile run on well worked thighs.

My Finish of the Malibu Triathlon

Compared to five years ago, I took nearly a third off the time of my swim. I finished close to the top half of the bike race again taking a 1/3 off my time. What killed me was the run which actually increased by 5 minutes. I had hurt my hip while training for the run, so I didn't push as much as I should have in the weeks before the race, but my bike and swim training carried the day.

The good news is that I finished the Malibu Triathlon 35 lbs. lighter than I was in January, and finished at 02:25:08 , 24 minutes 54 seconds sooner than I did as a youth of 47. This substantial margin met the goal I set for myself. Can we reverse aging? All of my numbers for cholesterol, weight, blood pressure, and now measurable athletic performance are better than they were in January 2007. I did it by applying what I learned from producing the 2007 Telly Award Winning DVD "Reverse Aging Now."

The DVD contains multiple anti-aging links. One site calculates biological age, not the age since your birthday, but how your body compares to others. As of the triathlon, my biological age was calcuated to be 46.1 That's 6.8 years younger than my chronological age of 52.9! It's possible to reverse aging - or to be fully scientifically accurate, it's possible to reverse the signs and symptoms of aging quite dramatically.

Keep reading about how to reverse aging. If this 52 year old can embrace anti aging anybody can.