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Redondo Beach Sail

In these waning days of summer, I've been able to take advantage of some spectacular coastal weather with frequent swimming and yet another sail, this time with Skipper Rick BeauChemin on his boat Luv, a Columbia 34, with his first mate Nilou Kashfi and my mate, Carolisa Pomerantz.

We headed south to the next port down the coast from Marina del Rey, Redondo Beach. It was a gorgeous day with balmy winds that soon had us sailing at five and half knots. Columbias are heavy sloops. This one held course beautifully. It felt great to be back at the helm of a responsive boat.

We had lunch at King Harbor Yacht Club, where we were serenaded by a steel drum band. Then we strolled the along the souvenir shops and seafood restaurants that jammed the waterfront.

As a port, Redondo antedates the Port of Los Angeles. At its peak the city had three piers offering rides and sport fishing. Steamships and railroads brought tourists by the thousands. In 1890, the luxurious Hotel Redondo opened with an 18 hole golf course, tennis courts and 225 rooms. For those who couldn't afford it, a tent city opened nearby, offering tent rentals at $10 a month.

One of the area's attractions was Moonstone Beach, a series of natural mounds five to six feet deep and 40 to 50 feet wide with gem stones for the taking.

Redondo Beach became a city in 1892. With the building of San Pedro Harbor in 1899 Redondo started to decline. By 1912, the Pacific Steamship Company no longer stopped in the city. The railroad pulled out in 1926. Because of prohibition, the Hotel Redondo folded.


Because the territorial limit of the US was three miles to sea during prohibition, the gambling ship Rex anchored off the coast hosting a casino that could be accessed through a 25 cent water taxi fare from the pier.


By the time we made to the pier from the boat this summer of 2012, Carolisa generously bought us all a round of drinks at Tony's, a Redondo Beach fixture for 62 years, and the site of one of the best seaside views along the coast. It was a lovely day spent with good friends, and my last weekend before school resumed, with me not as a student this time, but as a teacher, once again.

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