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reverse aging anti aging video

Summer Hiking

Most of the time, I write about my own battles with aging. This month I'm highlighting Carolisa Pomerantz, the Associate Producer of the anti-aging documentary, "Reverse Aging Now." Recently, she went through foot surgery, that initially left her so disabled that she couldn't walk without crutches.

Nobody likes surgery. A few years ago, because it was strangling me, I had a golf ball sized tumor excised from my throat. Sometimes the knife is the only solution for a pressing problem.

After she spent a couple of months recuperating, Carolisa and I hiked on one of our favorite trails in the Santa Monica Mountains. It wends through creek fed Ferndell Canyon then climbs onto an overlook of Los Angeles.

As we age, we need to pay attention to health issues. I recently learned that one of my younger brothers has a problem with a painful arthritis condition that mimics gout. He told me that he had seen a specialist about his ailment. By the time he is my age, he could be confined to a wheel chair.

I'm dealing with peripheral neuropathy, but I still take for granted being able to put one foot in front of the other. My talk with my brother reminded me that I've outlived our father by twelve years.

If you've ever engaged in athletic competition, you've realized that the human body is built for pushing. During the final four mile run of my last triathlon I gutted it out through willpower alone. I was spent after the bike ride, where for my age group I did very well. In athletics we muster the will and energy to meet a challenge, as Carolisa did in our hike, and I offer the tip of my hat to her.

Today I hopped on my bike and went shopping. It's such a simple activity but by putting my food into a backpack and cycling to and fro, I not only worked on my cardiovascular health, but by not driving I cut back on pollution and global warming.

Hike or bike. Play tennis. Find some activity you enjoy that stretches you physically then do it regularly. As I learned from producing the anti-aging documentary "Reverse Aging Now" enraging in physical activity you enjoy is a key factor of aging well.

reverse aging anti aging video

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