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HIke with Mike

To get out from behind his desk, Los Angeles City Councilor Mike Bonin led a constituent hike through the wilds of our district to a Rustic Canyon getaway called Murphy Ranch. This first “Hike with Mike” was a great chance to explore part of the Santa Monica Mountains I had never seen before, a Nazi survivalist stronghold built in the 1930s. Although the land was bought by Jessie Murphy, he (or she) seems to have existed only on the deed. The property was developed by silver mining engineer Norman Stephens, his wife Winona, and a mysterious German named Herr Schmidt (Mr. Smith) who poured a fortune into developing the property.


As a long time backpacker, I thrived on the hike's uphill stretches but was unprepared for descending 525 stone steps down a staircase that challenged my aging knees, especially one recently injured in a boating accident. I realized that it’s time for me to start consistently using my Leki hiking poles, so that even on the downhill I can maintain the pace.

When we reached the ruins, we saw all that is left of Nazi dreams of a Los Angeles takeover. Meanwhile, Councilman Bonin laid a firm foundation for future "Hikes with Mike."

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