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Back on the Courts for October's Anti Aging Diary

For several weeks, Iíve been researching Obamacare, both pro and con for a non partisan website, but the long hours of sitting cut into my exercise time. By monthís end I was back to working in a few miles on my bike here and there and managed to squeeze in a daysail with some good friends, but I hadnít played a lot of tennis.

Since I still love the game after a warm up set a couple of days before, I entered the Santa Monica Tennis Clubís warm weather monthly Friday night round robin. Was that a rude awakening?

In July, among men I had placed second out of fifteen competitors of all ages. This ending was decidedly different. On the last day of summer in four sets of doubles, over the course of three hours, I didnít win a single set.

I canít help but think that denial is a big factor as people age. Itís not enough to putter around to maintain the status quo. The older we get, the harder we have to work just to stay in place. I like playing tennis too much to hang up my racquet but to get my edge back I have to train. My best court coverage as an adult was when I was training for a triathlon. Despite my ripe years, I see no reason why I can't do another. I might announce my particpation soon.

Yesterday after a run on the beach I plunged through the surf for an invigorating swim and wrestle with the waves. Iíll get my tennis game back on track. Although I've kept my weight constant for years and I'm at least 25 lbs. off my peak, I would help myself by slenderizing, another effort I'll share with you. With concerted effort, we can actually reverse aging now.

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