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Summer didn't arrive at the Southern California Coast until its official end this year. We were grateful for the respite from the cold, gloomy weather that parked over the traditional land of bikinis and convertibles,
but then it kept getting hotter. In downtown Los Angeles, September 27th the official temperature set a new all time record of 113° F.

The day before, Carolisa Pomerantz and I had beaten the crowds by walking the few yards from my place for our first Venice Beach swim of the year. The water never warmed this summer. It was as cold as the Atlantic of my native Boston.


photo by Carolisa Pomerantz

There is a peculiar disconnect from time in Los Angeles. Seasonal rhythms are subtle. When I first moved here I would wake up on a warm sunny day and not be sure which season it was. Still, there are changes as autumn deepens. Days get shorter and more precious.The effect is akin to aging.

I got my test results: My weight dipped to 183 approaching a normal Body Mass Index of 25. Blood pressure was 120/78, and cholesterol 169. The blood pressure and cholesterol results were achieved without medication but through diet, exercise, supplements and meditation as outlined in the anti-aging DVD "Reverse Aging Now."

My birthday arrives this month. I do hope to celebrate it with joy and gratitude that I've survived another year. I suppose it is an inevitable consequence of being middle aged: I wish I had done more with my life and hope I can make the most of the years I have left. I realize how important attitude is, so I'm working on improving it to continue my personal quest to "Reverse Aging Now."

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