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Birthday / Halloween Celebration

Since I was born a couple of hours before Halloween, these two celebrations have been forever linked for me. This year my birthday fell on a Friday, putting Halloween on a Saturday. For my birthday I hosted a grilled salmon dinner party for Carolisa Pomerantz and my next door neighbors, David Harris Weissman, Dean and May Curtis. We were joined by Christian and Doris while Allison Swan dropped by with her two dogs for Carolisa's delightful chocolate raspberry layer cake. Since parking is nearly impossible to find in my beach neighborhood on a Friday night, and the libations flowed, I invited nobody who had to drive home. It was a lovely, low key time of old tunes and good conversation in our front yard.

When the sun was next overwhelmed by darkness, Single Mariners members Melissa Barbur Rock, Evan Sandler and Sophie joined Carolisa and me at Pacific Mariners Yacht Club for a Halloween masquerade dinner and dance to live music by the Charmers Band. Carolisa and I went as a couple of clowns, although while her venue was the big top, I saw myself as a banged up, although still tough rodeo clown, maybe slower by half a step but remaining formidable and entertaining.

The next day Evan Sandler took us sailing for a relaxing, deeply needed respite on the water. Every time I get out on the bay, I'm reminded about why I love such a seemingly simple sport. Because it's both physically and mentally engaging, there's neither time nor opportunity to handle life's business, and it's a great way to get to know fellow sailors since long quiet spaces on the sea naturally get filled by good conversation.

It's funny how the significance of birthdays changes from childhood. At first they are the most exciting days of the year, with the possible exception of Christmas. For some of us approaching senior citizen status, they are days to be ignored, but for me they are a mark of of surviving another year in a hostile world. One disappointment is that I had hoped that family would figure more into my commemoration. Most let the day pass without note, although I did hear from my brother Mark, sister Marilyn and my cousins, Richard and Carol Sojka.

In contrast, friendship has grown in importance to me over the years. I find myself ever more appreciative of the loyalty, love and support of my long time companion Carolisa Pomerantz. As passionate as I am about my deeply held political beliefs, I find that sharing them is not a precondition for genuine friendship; kindness, respect, empathy and conviviality are essential, however.

It's funny how I don't feel as if I'm now 61. My aches and pains are more prevalent and my farsightedness is worse. Still I try to retain enthusiasm about savoring life's joys and remain optimistic about the future. My thanks go to everybody who made my birthday celebration memorable.

anti aging diary reverse aging news

anti aging diary reverse aging news

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Don't forget to watch the anti-aging documentary "Reverse Aging Now." Photo of Paul Suchecki and Carolisa Pomerantz in yard by May Curtis, photo at yacht club by Sophie H., photo of party in yard by Doris photo of Paul Suchecki at the helm by Carolisa Pomerantz. Anti-Aging Diary c. 2015 Checkmate Pictures - Paul M. J. Suchecki - webmaster