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Birthday Celebration

One advantage of being born close to Halloween is that the celebrating can linger longer. Yet again I kicked off the weekend with multiple sets of Friday Night tennis at the Santa Monica Tennis Club. I spent Saturday at an informative college alumni conference on social responsibility and the media, where I saw a few old friends.

This year the Saturday night party was a Hawaiian Halloween get together hosted by Judy Tell on her birthday, which I attended with Carolisa Pomerantz who is my dearest friend and steadfast companion. I am profoundly grateful for her presence in my life.

On my actual birthday, Carolisa went to the trouble of fixing a superb dinner for us and two good friends, May and Dean Curtis. Carolisa was the perfect host, keeping a steady stream of dishes flowing as she engaged in  insightful conversation while serving. She has the knack of making healthy foods taste good, even Brussels Sprouts, never one of my favorite dishes, which she baked, then dusted with shaved Grana Padano Cheese turning me into a convert. In fact, here's the recipe on Reverse Aging

Writers work alone, so when I emerge from my man cave and greet the world, I’m very appreciative of the friendship that awaits me. Turning 57 is a milestone. I was asked Friday night if it were a major birthday. At my age, now having outlived my father by 13 years, every birthday is a milestone. When I blew out my candle, I did reveal my wish - that I make it to 58. It's a celebration like this one that reminded me that although I would like to live a long life, it's the quality of life that matters the most.

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