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Birthday Celebration

At my age birthdays are problematic. Looking back I regret what might have been, but I have to take joy from the fact that unlike several of my classmates, I am still alive. I’m keeping in good shape through daily exercise. The evening just before my birthday I played three hours of tennis and was serenaded with Happy Birthday by the Santa Monica Tennis Club when the clock chimed midnight and I turned 56.

The day of my birthday I swam a thousand yards. That night as the country celebrated Halloween, I danced with Carolisa Pomerantz for hours at the Pacific Mariners Yacht Club party. As always, I am grateful for her companionship.

Still, I have to remember that working in a chair, writing and editing burns fewer calories than schlepping a professional video camera during production. Since summer, due to less physical activity through work, my weight has been creeping up a bit, so I’ve cut way back on two of my favorites, chocolate and cheese.

This is not the time of year to go on a diet, but I can hold the line until the New Year, when I’ll make my next stab at getting back to my college weight. Even if I don’t get there, it’s better to be now in the 180s than in the 230s the way I once was.

photo by Carolisa Pomerantz Be sure to watch the anti-aging documentary "Reverse Aging Now."
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