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Back on a Tennis Court

It had been about a year and a half since I played tennis, one of my favorite sports. At the point where I was cleared by my primary care physician to resume playing again because I sufficiently healed from a back injury, a shoulder specialist told me not to play tennis because of a left rotator cuff tear. Still, since I'm right handed and only use my left arm to serve, it seemed like a good time to venture back, at least to hit. Carolisa Pomerantz and I have played on Catalina several times before, from the always available courts at Two Harbors to the tony Catalina Country Club in Avalon. Twice we partnered in her office doubles tournament and often played in Griffith Park. This time we were at Isthmus Harbor because Evan Sandler had generously invited us to crew for him on the annual Pacific Mariners Yacht Club Cinco de Mayo Cruise.

Hitting with Carolisa proved to be a rude awakening. My timing was off, as was my aim. Still, it was great to get back on a court, as abbreviated as the session was. I am looking forward to getting my tear surgically repaired and then easing back into my normal activities. My time on the court proved one of the most important axioms of anti aging: "Use it or lose it."

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