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May Jaunt

Carolisa Pomerantz and I hadn't been back to the San Gabriel Mountains together since our Thanksgiving hike on Mt. Baldy. With balmy spring weather in the 70s we were due.

We took one of our favorite stream side hikes, graced by overhanging oak, alder, maple and spruce; the Gabrielino Trail to the top of Switzer Falls which dropped below us in three stages.

Back in 1884 twice a week Commodore Perry Switzer led a burro train up Arroyo Seco trail over 60 stream crossings to the camp that he established overlooking the falls. Guests were fed trout that abounded then in the stream.

Tents were slowly replaced by cabins. Between 1912 and 1936 Lloyd and Bertha Austin took over the resort building a tennis court, croquet court, open air dance floor and chapel.

With the construction of Angeles Crest Highway the resort began to fade in popularity. By 1959 the buildings were removed, although stone foundations still remain. Today all that is left is the Commodore Switzer Trail Camp, where backpackers can still spend the night.

Although we both love the outdoors we were also adhering to our anti aging agenda, since a recent study showed that even moderate exercise can have big impact on longevity. Carolisa and I look forward to our next outdoors adventure.


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