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A May Morning Beach Run

Tuesday morning was a gorgeous sunny day around 60 degrees. Best of all, it was low tide when I woke, the perfect time to hit the beach for a run. After my stretches I ran south under the Venice Pier to the north jetty. Sea birds glided, kelp draped a couple of spots, and Monday's high winds had died, leaving a rain cleansed day with views of the whole crescent of Santa Monica Bay. I was not alone. At least a dozen others jogged ran and walked taking advantage of perfect conditions to work their cardiovascular systems.

Although you'll find runners on Venice's Ocean Front Walk at all hours, as we age our joints take a beating. My left knee will someday be a candidate for surgery according to my orthopedist, which is why I cycle so much.

Beach running is more forgiving on aging knees and other joints. Although I used to run barefoot, as one jogger did on Tuesday, a few years ago I developed plantar fasciitis, a painful swelling of my right arch. But thanks to custom orthotics in my double wide New Balance running shoes, I get a custom fit.

To decide when to begin my beach runs, I use more than a tide table or look in the paper. Over the years I've relied on Tidelines for a graphic representation of not only the tide times but their heights.

Running a couple of miles on the beach was a perfect way to jump start the day. I began my work relaxed but full of energy.

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