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92 Years Young

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Paul and Carolisa

It's all too easy to get caught up in work and lose perspective. It happened to me recently editing my most recent documentary, "Keep it Flowing" on energy and water conservation in Los Angeles. I'm usually active, meeting people, interviewing them, often doing the camera work myself. When it comes to putting the final pieces together, there is no way to handle it other than sitting in a chair and wrestling with the material at hand. Long hours of staring at a monitor punctuated by a daily exercise session is not anti-aging, it's health stagnation, because food is handy and tennis games and sailing are not. Still I do try to stretch and eat healthfully rather than scarf fast food garbage. My rough cut is finished, so I can move on until I get feedback from my client. After weeks of repetitive, sedentary work, it's useful to have a bit of inspiration.

I am lucky enough to know a remarkable woman named Ruth Pomerantz who recently turned 92. Whenever we go to a restaurant or a play or do anything she likes in public, people are astounded at her chronological age, because she looks and acts 20 years younger. It is not to say that she doesn't have physical problems, but her attitude is unfailingly positive. Despite her limitations, she has a zest for life and a deep appreciation of her loving daughter Carolisa who exemplifies the anti- aging spirit that is at the heart of our documentary "Reverse Aging Now." When I see how Ruth lives within her capability, it reminds me that it takes work to keep stretching my own. Aging does not mean settling, because the spirit can always remain youthful as I see in Ruth.

May marks the beginning of bathing suit season in states like California where sunbathers won't freeze on the strand, so it's time to peel off what remains of winter wardrobe and get ready. Skiing is likely done for the year, although I did manage to squeeze in a few last runs on Mt. Baldy May Day and the day after.

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