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In the Swim

After a very demanding month during which I wrote 52 articles, plus other web work, I got out the car one day to realize that my back had tightened up. Weeks later Iím still in pain, although I have found a way to fight it.

According to Frank, Kerr, and Brooker writing in Spine, for adults 45-65 lower back pain is the second most common cause of disability after arthritis. For weeks Iíve been unable to play tennis or run, although Iíve still been able to cycle and sail. Still these activities are done while sitting, not the best position for a tender back.

Back pain is exacerbated by being overweight a condition that according to the American Heart Association is shared by 68 percent of Americans at least 20 years old.

My most recent chiropractic visit was to Dr. Betty Ehrlich, who appeared in the anti-aging documentary "Reverse Aging Now." She did a complete examination of my back and determined that I was dealing with myofascial pain over a localized area caused by irritation to a peripheral nerve. After an adjustment, she gave me a comprehensive book of stretches. She took the trouble to call me days later to make sure I was doing them. Working 7 days a week for the last three weeks of January, I do confess that I had let them slip.

Now that Iíve been writing at a more manageable pace, Iíve resumed the daily stretching, something Iíll have to remember to do as faithfully as my aerobic activity, which I try to do every day; however the best exercise Iíve found for back pain is swimming.

It doesn't take much to get me into the ocean on summer day. I live at Venice Beach and few hot weather activities beat a refreshing swim in a 70 degree ocean; but mid-winter, sea temps fall below 60, a recipe for tightening muscles, including those that control breathing.

Lately Iíve been making the effort to drive several miles to a new pool that just opened in Playa Vista . I found that a short swim doesnít help much, but after a quarter mile, my back starts to noticeably loosen. Today I swam a half mile followed by time in the Jacuzzi. Between the stretching, the swimming, the hydrotherapy of water jets directed at my back, a heating pad applied periodically during the day, ice once at night, weekly acupuncture and anti-inflamatory Ibuprofen and turmeric, Iím coming back.

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