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March Means Spring

As summer and winter struggle for dominance, the sea and air fight a tug of war that produces the marine layer which keeps Venice cloud covered while other LA residents are basking in the sun.

I grew up a mile from the Atlantic. For more than three decades I've lived less than half a block from the Pacific. When the waters warm, I jump in and swim. I sail the Pacific regularly. The ocean is what drew me here.

Today I took a walk along my local beach. Part of me is still thrilled that I moved to Venice, California in 1980, back when finding a home in a seaside community didn't take half your income.

Here's the point for all of us: Today after six days of work in a row, I was beat, but rather than ski down a mountain or attempt to dominate at tennis, I simply took a walk because that was all I could muster.

Once I got started, and my muscles began to move, I pushed my pace until I breathed hard and my heart upped its rhythm. The high point of my day off turned out to be my hour on the beach walking and shooting photos.

Every day, unless you're in bed, do something physical, that you enjoy so that we can keep doing it as we age. At our age it's not that practice make perfect, but that practice marks continuity. Last week I played tennis next to four old men with white hair playing doubles who were rifling serves across the court, inspiration to me and my partner who turned out to be 20 years younger than I am. I won, 6-2, because I dug in after we tied. This isn't a boast but a recognition that with age we have to work harder to keep growing, both mentally and physically.


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