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The New Normal

In the waning days of the mildest winter in recent memory, I have to ask, is this is the new normal? Are we experiencing global warming? I realize that one winter does not make a trend, but since the source of Los Angeles water, the Sierra snow pack, is at 16 percent of usual, there is cause for concern.

On a path that is often snow covered, Carolisa Pomerantz, the Associate Producer of the anti-aging documentary "Reverse Aging Now," and I hiked the Switzer Picnic Area Trail, one of our favorite paths in the San Gabriel Mountains. Hiking is a geat way to push yourself past casual walking while allowing you to consider your age dependent limitations, whether you're old - or young.

An inevitable result of aging is wear and tear. We can try to protect against it, but sometimes it requires intervention. Carolisa is tackling some dental issues, an expensive, occasionally painful process, but as she proudly states, "I still have all my own teeth."

She refuses to settle for what could be the new normal, dentures. I draw inspiration from her example.

Carolisa is protecting more than her teeth. It's all too easy for boomers to get too busy to deal with dental care, unless something hurts, yet according to the Mayo Clinic poor oral hygeine can contribute to heart disease. Bacteria on your teeth can enter the blood stream and attach to the fatty plaques in your arteries, constricting flow or causing the deposits to break off and block blood, causing a stroke.

For most of this past year, I've been earning my living by sitting in a chair, so the weight has started to creep back on. Excess fat works the heart more, can increase blood pressure and is a contributing factor to Type II diabetes. I cannot accept this state as my new normal. it's time to turn things around again for myself, moving age reversal to the fore. As I write this I'm back from a bike ride and planning a couple of tennis matches this week.

When we return to daylight savings time March 11th, almost all of us will have more light after work. There's no better time to work in an after workplace workout. Our anti-aging DVD "Reverse Aging Now," features this exercise video guide that you can see here for free. Since winter usually retreats with a growl, this time of year I'd check the weather before venturing outside.

 A Hiker Stream Hops    Carolisa Pomerantz

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