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reverse aging anti aging video

Valentine's Day Sail

photo by Carolisa Pomerantz

  reverse aging anti aging video

reverse aging anti aging videoThis winter in LA has been the wettest in years, bringing rain, high winds and snow to local mountains so it wasn’t until mid February that I sailed in 2010. For the first time in years, Carolisa Pomerantz joined me on La Runa, her former boat. It was a warm Sunday in the seventies. Sailors across the marina decided to play on the bay. Under an oversized 150 jib we were puffed along occasionally by balmy breezes. We spent a delightful afternoon sharing our sweet sixteenth Valentine’s Day together.

People who have close ties with others, handle aging better than those who are isolated. We are more likely to take better care of ourselves if others care about us. It’s all too easy to be down and in a rut, emotionally or physically and withdraw from the world so that we don’t inflict our suffering on others, but that is the time we need people the most.

We shouldn’t be emotional vampires, just sucking the life out of friends if we’re going through a rough patch. There are times when all of us need empathy. The best social interaction is sharing, where both parties offer unique insight and understanding to the other. Problem solving is part of being an adult. Learning how to run our own lives and take responsibility is the cost that a free society demands.

That’s one reason I love sailing. In his recently published autobiography, True Compass, Ted Kennedy describes sailing a metaphor for life. He was taught how by his godfather, the hero of PT 109, brother John F. Kennedy. Sailing was the first thing Ted did upon being released from the hospital with terminal brain cancer. Sailing strips away society and teaches skippers to interact with the planet in intimate matters of survival, mastery, harmony and joy. Sailing is a reminder that the world is more awesome than we are and that as thrilling as it can be, we need to recognize that death always waits. The best we can do is postpone it. It is what we do with our lives until that final moment that truly matters.

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