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Anti-Aging Diary - monthly journey to youth, longevity and fitness from Reverse Aging Now, the anti-aging video.

Even boats can Reverse Aging. For fourteen years I've sailed La Runa, a Cal 25 sloop. Recently, I've battled a termite infestion that threatened to overwhelm the teak interior and threaten the boat's integrity. Reluctantly I was poised to sell the boat, parting not only with the ideal Los Angeles pressure valve but a slew of memories. Then fate intervened. I learned of a television series about to air on The Discovery Channel that was looking for unusual pest problems. Five minutes after sending an email I had an extermination crew ready to inspect my boat. Within a week, thanks to the show "Verminators," La Runa had a clean bill of health and a new life. If you're interested in seeing the episode, watch for the "Hollywood Roaches" episode of "Verminators" which will be repeated as the series airs nationwide on the Discovery Channel, Mondays at 10:00 PM. La Runa and I had our on-camera national television debut June 9, 2008.

    La Runa on a Single Mariners Sail - photo by Carolisa Pomerantz  

Reversing Aging is more than simply taking care of physical needs. There is a heavy dose of mental health involved. Stress kills. Sailing relieves stress as effectively as yoga, runnning, and swmming, at least for me. A skipper I know who also owns his own business summed it up to me by telling me that when he sails he leaves all of his problems on shore. He simply can't do anything to take care of them when he is at sea, so at the helm of his boat, he finally allows himself a chance to relax. When you produce an anti-aging video it's amazing how often you think of what keeps you young. Healthy diet, exercise, supplements, are all key parts, but attitude, desire and will are the starting points for embarking on the proven anti-aging plan outlined the the award winning documentary, "Reverse Aging Now."

Keep reading about my quest to reverse aging. If this 53 year old can embrace anti aging , anybody can. Is it possible to really reverse aging? Keep reading or buy our anti-aging video. Go to our website for free on line anti aging videos and longevity recipes.