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Weight Loss

The last few months have been a challenge, since I've been coping with severe back pain. In an effort to ease my distress I've been engaging in acupuncture, chiropractic, and physical therapy. I've also been swimming a half mile in the pool, whenever I jump in, usually 3 times a week, alternating those days with with bike riding. I've been unable to run or play tennis, so I also work in Sunday strolling. Finally, I'll be soon able to consult with a back surgeon through the only health plan I could afford, an appointment that has taken months to get.

It amazes me how quickly weight slips back on. I peaked at 230 in December of 2006, then lost 35 pounds over the next nine months prior to doing my second triathlon. I thought I was doing a good job of keeping it off, since I strive to exercise daily, but by the end of January this year when my back distress began, I had slipped up to 205. To help take some of the pressure off my not one, but two herniated discs, I've lost weight.

One of the best things about shedding pounds is when people who haven't seen you in a while notice. Those few words of encouragement can help a person walk away from second servings or calorie rich desserts.

As of this writing I am down to 193 a drop of 12 pounds. It's weight loss caused by effort, not illness, because after feasting Memorial Day weekend, a couple of pounds snuck back on. Still, I am committed to losing more. My efforts are proving fruitful; I haven't taken any mind-numbing pain medication for a couple of weeks.

Keeping a healthy body mass index is essential for effective anti-aging. My travails of the last few months have not shaken my belief that it is possible to reverse aging, but I have come to realize that it's harder to do so as we grow older, and the extent that we can turn back the biological clock diminishes as our chronological age increases. Still, there are steps we can take.that I put forth every month in Reverse Aging News. Don't forget to visit our years of anti-aging archives for subjects that might be of interest to you.

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