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Cinco de Mayo in Catalina

Late spring’s lengthening days hint at the languid delights of summer to come. Although we sail year round in Southern California, Cinco de Mayo is the traditional start of the Santa Catalina Island boating season. Sailient skipper Evan Sandler invited Alla Zhdanova and me to sail with him for a three day journey to this storied destination.

We sailed out past a playful pod of dolphins and on to the Isthmus Harbor, where our arrival was marked by a strong headwind right on our bow, time for the diesel engine to kick in so we could snag a mooring. On the 5th of May moorings are readily available not so on other holiday weekends like 4th of July.

True to form, Evan jumped in for an invigorating swim, but after seeing his reaction to the frigid water I lingered on board. We took Alla for a hike across the isthmus to Catalina Harbor and a view she hadn’t seen before then introduced her to Buffalo Milk, a local delicacy, not harvested from the bison that roam the hills, but a more exotic concoction:

1 ounce vodka
1 ounce crème de cocoa
1 ounce banana liquor
3 ounces whole milk
topped by whipped cream, sprinkled with nutmeg and drizzled with Kahlúa a Mexican coffee flavored liqueur made from rum. It’s hardly a diet drink but is good for savoring at Isthmus Harbor's only bar, the Harbor Reef Restaurant.

Saturday night, we barbecued tri tip, chicken and steak in a pot luck dinner shared with Bearcat skipper Alan Gornick, and his girlfriend Ona while locals played a recorded medley of Mexican music. Then Sunday we left early for our six hour sail home.

One of the best things about sailing away for a much needed respite is that unlike a car trip a boat vacation begins as soon as the marina’s breakwater falls behind. I’m very much looking forward to my Catalina trip, when warm water will invite me into the ocean to play.


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