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Catalina Getaway

Cinco de Mayo wasn't a big part of Catalina's history. The island was already part of the state of California when on the fifth of May in 1862, the Mexican militia took down a French Army twice its size. Today the fifth of May is a bigger holiday in Mexican communities in the United States than in Mexico itself. Still, a chance to celebrate one's inner Mexican. After all the battle occurred at a little town south of the border named the Puebla de Los Angeles.

In many respects Cinco de Mayo is the opening of the Catalina Island boating season. By May, the sun sets as late as it does in early August and the air and seas are warm enough for comfortable passage from Marina del Rey across the channel.

Skipper Evan Sandler was good enough to invite Carolisa Pomerantz and me to sail with him to Catalina on his sloop Salient. It was wonderful to get out of the city and onto the ocean. I had partnered with Carolisa on our boat for years before I bought her out, and I had sailed with Evan frequently. It was great to see how they got along on our first overnight trip away together.

Cinco de Mayo was the night of the super moon, the closest and brightest it got all year. That's Evan wandering by its light. We spent an entire weekend hiking, chatting with people, eating and drinking well with a couple of quick swims for Evan and me because the water hasn't warmed yet.


Saturday night was the Cinco de Mayo party, hosted by Pacific Mariners yacht club, Alan Rock and his fiancee Melissa. Food and tequila were plentiful. I have to admit something that I'm a little embarrassed about. Yes, I am the new official Cinco de Mayo PMYC tortilla tossing champion.

Sometimes it's great to disconnect. This is the quiet end of Catalina. At this time of year it's a peaceful, rustic retreat, soon to be crowded with tourists. But at least on Cinco de Mayo, we can get a sense as to what this delightful island was like long before the 21st century. It's a good perspective and a change from day to day paper pushing, or more these days, byte wrangling.

After all too short a stay we had to head back. Carolisa and I are grateful for the hospitality that Evan showed us as skipper and look forward to sailing with him again.


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