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Night Tennis

No, I we don't play by flashlight. The courts are lit. There are few things that better purge the frustration of the work day than a couple of evening hours spent beating up a tennis ball.

I was unexpectedly invited to play mixed doublesThursday night with three partners with whom I had played before, Joel Hoffman, Mary Mattews, and Shirley McClaine.

I hadn't been on a court in months, when I had tweaked my back, a situation that led me to miss most of ski season. I jumped in with more anticipation than trepidation. Luckily, my clumsy initial play was forgiven, then I got my groove back and at least held my own.

Tennis is not as gentle a sport for aging bodies as is walking, cycling or swimming, but it is so much fun. That to me is the key to staying in shape physically, finding an activity you enjoy and relishing it. One friend likes dance. Another prefers yoga. Another swims. Nobody has to force these people to work out. They do so willingly.

Almost weekly I hear another story about our nation's obsesity epidemic. I like to eat as much as anybody, but the only thing that keeps me from ballooning is exercise. What do you like to do to work your own body? This time of year in the US, with the exception of high mountain ridges, all the snow is gone, so get out and do it!

Now that summer is nearly upon us, this is the best time to get ready for Bathing Suit Season. Watch our free shape up video here. It is included in full broadcast quality on the anti-aging DVD "Reverse Aging Now."

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