reverse aging anti aging video Anti-Aging DiaryHow I lost 25 pounds and gained seven years

A year ago, I hiked Ice House Canyon on Mt. Baldy in a sling after shoulder surgery. Today I'm doing much better, with a more optimistic outlook. I have no more physical restrictions. I am eager to go outside and play. Now that the sea has warmed, I look forward to resuming regular ocean swimming again.

On days when I teach, I have to get up early enough to exercise before school because after class I'm drained. When I write, I have to remind myself constantly to get up from working at my chair and stretch. Getting older is no picnic, but it's better to wake stiff in the morning, than not to wake and find that one is a stiff.

When we reach a certain point in life, many of us know what we should do to age healthfully. The problem lies in finding the willpower to do so.

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