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Rising to the Challenge

When I started this website more than seven and half years ago, I did so to help remind me that it was possible to combat many of the detrimental effects of aging. I did not realize how much harder maintaining a healthy attitude would get as the biological clock kept ticking. Admittedly, I have dealing severe back pain lately, but my mood wasn't helped by the neurologist first postponing, then canceling the appointment he had set for me months ago to consult with me about surgery.

I am looking forward to a 4 day sail to Catalina before the end of the month and hope that a much needed break with good friends will serve a a way to replenish my spirit. For now, I'm just hanging in. Reverse Aging Now, our award winning documentary, does discuss how important a social support network is when times are tough. As befits a summer issue, the current Reverse Aging News outlines ways of coping with the summer sun.

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