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reverse aging anti aging video

Summer in Venice and Marina del Rey

I’ve been going sailing a fair amount of late, a much savored break from a demanding schedule that sees me putting in long hours with multiple clients. Unfortunately, my enjoyable work, writing, shooting and producing, was cut yet again this month so most of my week is spent grinding away in an office on the phone and writing emails, trying to convince people to buy DVDs. At least they’re about boating.

It always takes a little time for summer to make itself known in Venice, since the coast of Los Angeles County is haunted by a seasonal phenomenon called June gloom, where a layer of stratus clouds forms over the ocean, blows inland a bit and gets trapped by a dome of high pressure.

Last year the ocean never really warmed. As I write this in mid-July, the sun has worked its magic. Today was an absolutely gorgeous day at the beach. I waited for the tide to subside then went for a jog.

It felt so good that my stride stretched out into a solid run. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw another runner trying to pass. It was a challenge I couldn’t resist. I pushed it just a bit. He gained. I turned it up a notch, then a little further. For about half a mile I kept barely ahead of him, until I reached the Marina del Rey breakwater and then stopped to throw down my pack to ready for my swim. We spoke for the first time.

“Sometimes you need somebody to push you,” he said with a smile as he ran back north.

I eased past the gently lapping waves into the ocean. It was my first swim of the season and felt glorious in clear and refreshing water. Swimming is the closest I’ll come to self propelled flight, floating, gliding, and stretching, great exercise.

I plan to stay fit and active for as long as I can, a life lesson I learned from the anti-aging seniors I met and interviewed for the anti-aging DVD "Reverse Aging Now" available at

reverse aging anti aging video    reverse aging anti aging video


reverse aging anti aging video    

I can vouch for the healthy effects of paddleboard yoga, too and thought you’d appreciate this shot offered as proof.

photo of Paul Suchecki by Brenda Varma

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