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Happy New Year

Although 2014 was very challenging, I look forward to new opportunities and adventures in 2015, a year that when I was a child seemed to exist only in the realm of science fiction. At the New York 1964 World's Fair the Futurama exhibit predicted that by now we'd have colonies on the moon and Antarctica along with moving sidewalks, and computer driven cars that would whisk us along congestion free highways. Although it's difficult to prognosticate, many of us, including me, make New Year's resolutions to live better lives. Let's choose optimism: May health, happiness, and prosperity grace all of my friends in 2015.

Despite my physical challenges, I intend to keep sailing, swimming, cycling and hiking, hoping to resume skiing, running, and tennis this year. Now that the holiday feasting season is over, it's time to eat more leanly.

Reflecting on what went right in 2014: I am blessed by the love and support of my longtime companion Carolisa Pomerantz with whom I shared our 21st New Year's Eve. I did make it back East to visit my mother, Evelyn, my brother, Mark, his wife Susan and their two children Thomas and Joseph for the first time in two years, and my sister Marilyn, her husband Mark and her daughters Sophia and Jessica for the first time in five years. We enjoyed a heartfelt Christmas. I am also fortunate to have congenial neighbors, and friends through Single Mariners and the Sierra Club who share my love of the outdoors. As we age, sometimes it's hard to muster the enthusiasm and energy we once had. I am lucky that I can often get revitalized through the support of people I know as well as from my work, which this year included writing three documentaries, a handful of newspaper articles and dozens of web articles.

Let's hope 2015 is our best year yet!

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