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Happy New Year

As usual I spent the days before Christmas with my 82 year old mother, Evelyn, helping her get ready for the holiday. Unlike in years past, she is no longer living in a cozy home by an idyllic New England lake, but in Manhattan near one of my brothers, Mark. He handles her affairs, and looks in on her a couple of times a day to insure that she exercises, takes her medication, and eats. I really appreciate the effort Mark makes on her behalf.

In an on-camera interview I did with my mother in 2003, I first noticed how poor her recall had become. Today, to put it kindly, her memory is porous.

For baby boomers, it's tough to watch our parents age and decline. Thanks to my brother's care, my mother seems to be physically stronger than when I last saw her, but this dynamic lady who became an attorney as a 41 year old widow with five children, is no longer able to manage her own life. I wish I could do more to help, but living a continent away, my options are limited.

Through the pages of this diary, you've repeatedly heard over and over that it's possible to reverse the signs and symptoms of aging, an effort better started sooner rather than later. But a healthy attitude, diet, exercise, supplements and a good social and spiritual life can only go so far. Changes can demontrably turn around decline, even temporarily reverse aging. Still, as one of my friends said today, “None of us will get out of here alive.”

I treasure the nearly two weeks I spent with my mother. We lived in the moment, sharing the best New York City had to offer, culminating in Christmas Mass and dinner with our family. Even though I knew that her memories would soon fade, mine, at least for now, have not.

With the new year, I have rededicated myself to adhering to the anti-aging precepts outlined in my documentary “Reverse Aging Now.” My resolutions are incremental, the best way to make them work.

I remain inspired by my mother's kindness and abiding love. I hope that I can continue to make her proud.

I wsh everybody reading this a healthy and prosperous new year.

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