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Anti-Aging Diary - monthly journey to youth, longevity and fitness from Reverse Aging Now, the anti-aging video.

I needed a concrete goal as a symbol of how I would reverse aging. Five years ago in the midst of shooting Reverse Aging Now, I had become inspired by the many Senior Olympians I had met. I had set my sights on my first triathlon and starting training. I chose the Malibu Triathlon, a 22 1/2 mile race, with a cold 1/2 mile swim through the surf, 18 hilly miles on a bike along the coast, followed by a 4 mile run. My aim was to finish and not come in last. After months of training I achieved my goal.

New Year's 2007
With Carolisa Pomerantz , I had been invited to a New Year's Eve party hosted by Bill Sheer, an emergency room doctor with his wife Helen. Dr. Sheer asked each of us to share one resolution with the other guests. Although I had been mulling it over in private, that night I wrote down my resolution and announced it for the first time. I would again do the Malibu Triathlon, but would shoot for a better time at the age of 52, than I had at 47. I finished the 2002 race in 2 hours 50 minutes and 02 seconds. Will I be able to do better in 2007? We shall see.

In casual conversation I asked Dr. Sheer how seriously he took chest pains. He said that in his ER, patients with chest pain went to the head of the line.

photo by
Carolisa Pomerantz