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The Drought Rolls on

I used to ski in February but not lately. With sunny days in the 70s I realize that it's poor form to complain about a lack of snow when my hometown, Boston has just had the snowiest week in its history, still I do miss snow. My favorite local ski area, Mt. Baldy, remains closed with a high today of 49 and no relief in sight. I got so frustrated that I dreamed that I skied down a slope of grass. Since there was no snow I didn't need skis and simply did a a lot of edging in my cowboy boots. I woke up exhilarated.

The water crisis is so problematical for California that I wrote an extended piece about it for my local paper, the Argonaut.

When the weather is warm, it's time to take to the seas. Skipper Evan Sandler invited Carolisa Pomerantz Alla Zdanova and me to sail with him on his sloop Sailient. Due to Santa Ana conditions, the winds were quirky, more like lake sailing, often changing direction by twenty compass points from one gust to another. Winds would blow softy for a few minutes then drop to calm. It was a real challenge sailing dead down wind. I wasn't quite quick enough to avoid one unintentional jibe.

Luckily we had good conversation, and congenial company. The water was calm and sea life was abundant with seals and dolphins playing around us. At the dock we enjoyed a wine and cheese happy hour, catching up with each other, sharing good fellowship.

I'm still recuperating from my back issues, but I'm swimming weekly while exercising daily. With spring coming soon, I'm attacking my holiday weight gain and burning more calories by upping the intensity of my activities and increasing the frequency of my gym visits. I've even been cleared by my doctor to resume playing tennis, a sport, I'll ease back into. Regular beach walks inspire me now that the days are getting longer, harbingers of spring. Valentine's Day awaits, time to share love with those who really matter.

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