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February Drought

One of the best things about living in Southern California is that during a normal winter, it's possible to go sailing one day and skiing the next, but not this year. As of this writing, California's snowpack is at 12 percent of normal. My favorite local ski area, a little over an hour and a half drive from the beach, Mt.Baldy, remains closed to skiing.

Luckily the area abounds with outdoor recreational opportunities. RIck Beauchemin, the longtime Commodore of Single Mariners, invited me to join stalwart club members Nilou Kashfi, Alla Zhadnova and Michiko on a sail in Santa Monica Bay.

Santa Ana winds played havoc with setting a course. The breezes would rise, fall and alter their source to come from unexpected directions. Still, the changes added spice to a day on the water. It reminded me of lake sailing in New England.

Sailing does have its moments of exertion, but it's more an exercise in relaxation and contemplation, enjoying the interaction of sea and sun powered by nothing more than moving air. We kept our watch alert for migrating sea mammals, but the whales we'd heard mentioned at the club, remained off shore.

As usual after a delightful day on the water with friends, at the dock we enjoyed a wine and cheese happy hour, catching up with each other, sharing good fellowship. As Dr. Dean Ornish said in the anti-aging documentary "Reverse Aging Now," our survival rates improve if we feel that people care enough about us to miss us if we are no longer here.

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