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reverse aging anti aging video

Summer in January

Across the country, this has been an unseasonably warm January. Instead of skiing as I usually do, I spent my spare time near or on the Pacific Ocean enjoying Santa Ana winds, which always make for quirky sailing.

Thanks to skipper Evan Sandler the crew of La Runa was reunited on the water again. Carolisa Pomerantz and I were his guests on an extended day sail from Marina del Rey to Palos Verdes on a quest to catch a glimpse of the orcas that had been spotted off the coast feasting on other marine mammals.

In winds that shifted, freshened and faded, we plotted our course. When Carolisa took the helm, the breeze perked up, recognizing a kindred spirit. In a couple of hours, we passed over the depths of Redondo Canyon and pulled abreast of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, a volcanic subsurface capped by clay that is slowly oozing into the Pacific. Many of the multi-million dollar homes with panoramic ocean views were further up the hill when they were built.

My attention was drawn to the sea, which I scanned until I saw it. There off the point was the unmistakable turbulence from a feeding pod. Killer whales were feasting, but as soon we approached, the orcas beat it out to sea, faster than we could sail.

It was time to turn back. When the winds faded, we were grateful for the iron jenny which powered us into port as the sun dipped behind the breakwater and a full moon rose.

reverse aging anti aging video

It was great to sail with Carolisa again. For years we partnered on our sloop La Runa, before she sold it to me and moved on. I have long appreciated her detail minded competence whether it was sailing to Catalina Island for the weekend or coordinating a day of shooting.

This is the time of year to get ready for the lighter weight, more flattering clothes of spring. As much as I hate to admit it, over the holidays, despite my swearing off egg nog, I still gained weight. I'm not close to my peak of 230 lbs, but any weight gain is distressing. I've been good about my most important New Year's resolution, and have been exercising faithfully, but have to redouble my weight control efforts.

I got invited to a "Valentine's Day Swingers Party" by a former partner. That will help melt the weight off.

No, it's a tennis tournament.

For my real celebration of St. Valentine's Day, I get to share it for the eighteenth time with Carolisa Pomerantz. We might not partner on the boat any more, but what we do share is far deeper. Finding the support of somebody who truly cares helps keep us young.

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If you look carefully below the moon, you'll see a very different Mt. Baldy compared to last year.