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Anti-Aging Diary's monthly journey to youth, longevity and fitness from Reverse Aging Now, the anti-aging video.

In Reverse Aging Now, Dr. Dean Ornish talks about emotional heart disease, how anxiety, loneliness and despair can take a physcal toll on a body. We already know that people who confront depression often take it out on themselves through overeating, alcohol and drug use, however less attention is paid to the beneficial effects of simple friendship and the belief that your life served some bigger purpose than yourself.

Dr. Onish recounted a study in which a group of patients about to have major heart surgery were asked two questions:

  • Did they draw strength and comfort from a lbelieve in a god, irrespective of what the belief was?
  • Did they participate regularly in social activities where their presence would be missed?
With Carolisa Pomerantz, my Valentine of 15 years

Correcting for all other factors, those patients who said yes to both these questions had a seven fold bettter chance at surving six months after surgery to those patients who answered no to both. On this St. Valenetine's Day it's time to acknowledge and be grateful for the healing power of love.

Keep reading about my quest to reverse aging. If this 54 year old can take this important anti aging step, anybody can. Is it possible to really reverse aging? Keep reading or buy our anti-aging video. Go to our website for free on line anti aging videos and longevity recipes.