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One of the things I love about living in Los Angeles is that it is theoretically possible to ski in the morning and surf in the afternoon, when the conditions are right. For the first time in my years here, I spent Saturday skiing, and Sunday sailing - in mid February. Over two days I had a much needed mental vacation from demanding work.

I'm starting to realize how much of anti-aging is mind set. It's not enough to want to be younger physically. You have to believe it is possible, focus your energies and take the appropriate steps.

Saturday on Mt. Baldy Sunday on Santa Monica Bay
Keep reading about my quest to reverse aging. If this 53 year old can take this important anti aging step, anybody can.  

On St. Valentine's Day, I weighed exactly 200 lbs, better than I was a year ago, but now I'll resume concerted training and dieting, to get my weight back to the point where my joints and limbs can handle an Olympic distance triathlon in seven months just before I turn 54. The LA Times ran a story the other day about the increased popularity of triathlons. Now training for my third, I can vouch for them as a way to maintain balance in muscle development, while forestalling boredom from repetitive exercise with only incremental progress.

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