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December Tennis

For the first time in months, I played tennis. I used to play often, but got hurt. My outer calf muscle, the peroneus longus, used to turn the sole of the foot outward, got so painful that it kept me awake all night on more than one occasion. My first visit for medical help produced nothing more than a prescription for Ibuprofen. Acupuncture led to temporary relief for a couple of days at a time. Chiropractic did little to help the pain, although my chiropractor did say I should stretch significantly more.

Finally, a doctor of physical therapy diagnosed my suffering as nerve inflammation, so he gave me a series of exercises to perform several times a day. He said I shouldn’t run until I was out of pain. I did keep up with my cycling. Despite my limping, I worked in some walking. I lifted weights and swam when I could. One day I noticed that I had been pain free for a couple of days so I called my erstwhile, steady tennis partner Tracey Marie Defrancesco. Despite the December chill, she met me for a match. I was rusty during the warm up, but soon got back to form. It was great getting back on a court, rising to the challenge of taking on a worthy opponent. Playing mattered to me more than winning, although after an hour I won.

As we age, it’s all too easy to give up physically. I put on a couple of extra pounds these last couple of months, burning fewer calories while savoring the harvest bounty that seduces us this time of year. But as I learned from producing the anti-aging documentary "Reverse Aging Now." matching calorie intake to expenditure is vital for healthy aging. Although most resolutions begin with the New Year, mine starts today: to get back into top notch competitive shape. Sometime in the New Year, I’ll rejoin the Santa Monica Tennis club and carve out a space again on its ladder.

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