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The high point of Carolisa and my Thanksgiving was our annual trip together to Mt Baldy. Stuffed by turkey, layered by warm clothes we bounded through light snow to to San Antonio Falls.

This is the time of year to give thanks.

After 30 years of living half a block from Venice Beach, I’m still thrilled when I see a sunset as I did the other night. Storm clouds dripped indigo, while a golden sun burst out for a moment, before dipping below the waves as I ran past.

Thanks go to the sea that both calms and awes, whether I’m swimming in it or sailing on it.

I’m grateful for the creative, quirky, eclectic denizens of Venice, rich and poor, cultured and crude, with the lack of homogeneity that led me to settle in this community when I moved here from New York City.

I’m thankful for my health that is thriving in a climate where I no longer have to shovel snow, but I’m a 90 minute drive from it, so I can ski.

I’m deeply appreciative of friends and family, especially Carolisa Pomerantz and my mother Evelyn, who nurture my soul and teach me what love is.

Thank goodness for laws that protect renters.

I’m thankful that we elect leaders by voting rather submit to rulers who take power by force. I’m grateful for the US Constitution - the document, not the ship, although the ship, now in Boston, is pretty cool to visit too.

Paul and Carolisa photo by Lee Ann Edwards

Thanks go to public schools, libraries, and recreation centers that help us keep sound minds in fit bodies.

Thank god for health reform.

I’m grateful that I can practice religion or not, and that my neighbors are Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists and Jews. If I want to visit a Muslim mosque, I can zip down Washington Boulevard to do so - and we all live here peacefully.

Thanks go to words and pictures, tools I use to tell stories.

This holiday season I wish all of you the best as we move into the new year.

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