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Anti-Aging Diary - monthly journey to youth, longevity and fitness from Reverse Aging Now, the anti-aging video.

This is what I looked like just a year ago. It would be all too easy to let my physique slouch back into middle age, especially after this past Thanksgiving. As of this writing in the wee hours of December it will take hard work to get my weight back below 200 after what seemed like just a couple of days of indulgence.

This diary is more than simply recording the triumphs. I'm also unabashedly noting the pitfalls. This holiday season I've gained weight for the first time all year. I now have to confront a dilemma, do I let myself go again, or fight back?

I love food, family, friends, drink and conviviality, all shared during Christmas Season. Moderation is a nasty concept, but it works.

My goal this month is simple. Keep training and get back to my Malibu Triathlon weight.

See how I do in January 2008.

Keep reading about my quest to reverse aging. If this 53 year old can take this important anti aging step, anybody can. Is it possible to reverse aging? Keep reading or buy our anti-aging video.
Dancing with Carolisa 12/1/2006

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Joyous New Year. Stay healthy and safe.