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Catalina Cruising

Thanks to skipper Hans Kosten, Carolisa Pomerantz and I got away to Santa Catalina island for four days on New Moon, his 42-foot Catalina sloop. Hans' boat is a luxuriously appointed vessel with fore and aft cabins, two heads, a three burner stove with oven, two TVs and air conditioning. (Since the AC can only be used with shore power Carolisa had to settle for the electric fan.)

We were part of Pacific Mariners Luau Cruise that we had attended before, so it was good to see familiar faces. PMYC is a very open yacht club, and hosts Single Mariners, the group I had joined where I had met Hans. This social club is an opportunity for boat owners to find eager crew and for experienced sailors like Carolisa and me to find skippers who can use our help.

We had time to hike, swim and dance to a DJ Saturday night, while getting a much needed chance to relax from the rigors of earning a living. Our conversations were wide-reaching and fascinating.

It was the first time that Carolisa and I shared an overnight trip with another couple. Hans had already invited his new girlfriend Carole Lee Walsh to join him when he had generously extended the invitation to us. At first we thought that it would be hard to make it clear as to whether or not we'd be speaking with Carolisa or Carole Lee, but we simply called Carole Lee "Carole" and all was fine.

Unusual monsoon conditions produced thunder and lighting that kept us on the boat part of one afternoon, and again that evening. We delayed our dash across the 2500 foot deep San Pedro Channel until the coast was literally clear, but our conscientiousness paid off. Not only did we stay dry but safe. Lightning struck a golfer on Catalina, putting him in the hospital, while starting brush fires. In my Venice neighborhood, a bolt shook my home, killed a man yards away on the beach, put a lifeguard in the hospital and injured a dozen more.

As much as I love the outdoors, I never take it for granted, but I truly appreciate the opportunity to share its joys and challenges with people I care about.

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