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  Anti-Aging Diary - monthly journey to youth, longevity and fitness from Reverse Aging Now, the anti-aging video.

In April, as of this writing, on a gorgeous spring day, I can relish in having played more tennis than I have in months, beating a poised, athletic, much younger opponent in straight sets 6-1, 6-3. The last time we had played, I weighed substantially more, and barely squeaked past him in a tie breaker of a single set. Today I was lighter on my feet and although I had started to tire at the end of the match, I was never winded.

April was a sobering month. I had taken my weight loss for granted until - what's this? My pants weren't tight a week ago. Oh oh...

I had gotten more work, including several overnight shifts, so my biological clock was thrown off. Tired, I started to exercise less.

My weight in April only fluctuated a few pounds ultimately stabilizing, despite my indulging occasionally in dark chocolate and fine cognac.

By month's end, I caught a glance of my silhouette in the mirror and realized I had to face facts: I decided to resume the strict diet that had worked for me so dramatically in January. As of today, I'm down more than 28 lbs from my peak.

Keep reading about my quest to reverse aging. If this 52 year old can take this important anti aging step, anybody can. Is it possible to reverse aging? Stay tuned.