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A Spiritual Boost

Easter is one of my most cherished holy days, coming during spring the season of rebirth. It offers optimism to those of us who are aging. As on the first Easter, this one coincided with Passover, my favorite Jewish holy day, because a seder brings friends and families together to celebrate a new life of freedom, which was the immigrant experience for most of our families when they arrived in the United States.

As all Christians should know, the Last Supper was a seder. On Easter, Carolisa Pomerantz and I went to mass, where I took communion and felt a lift that's hard to explain, a touch of insight.

Then I picked up her mother, Ruth, now 97 years young and and an inspiration to both us. We drove to Carolisa's home, where we enjoyed a savory, healthful Easter/Passover feast of root vegetables and lean beef brisket that Carolisa cooked for us.

One of the best lessons I learned from the Okinawans while producing the anti-aging documentary "Reverse Aging Now," was that having a spiritual side to life is important. As Dr. Dean Ornish stated in "Reverse Aging Now," it doesn't matter what people believe in, but it does matter that people believe. Those who have faith in a higher power are more likely to survive life-threatening operations than those who don't.

I still retain a healthy 21st century skepticism about much what ancient religions purport to have happened, but I do consider it more than luck that I'm am still alive today. For this boon I am profoundly grateful, a sentiment I expressed in my prayers on Easter Sunday.


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