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Spring all Winter

Now that spring has arrived it looks pretty hopeless when it comes to doing any local skiing this year. For Los Angeles, 2013 has been the driest on record, with rain at less than a quarter of normal. While the East Coast and mid-West were hit hard with snowstorms strong enough to afflict the economy, in Venice we had unseasonably summer-like weather. When the seas and breeze are right, itís a perfect time to go sailing. Skipper Hans Kosten invited me and 7 other members of the club Single Mariners for a day-long cruise to Redondo Beach on his 42 foot Catalina sloop. Fair winds, and manageable seas made for a brisk sail.

In addition to Hans, we had three experienced skippers on board, which led to an atypical chain of command. On the helm, I was told by one sailor to not obey Captain Hans when it came to avoiding a freighter. Since the skipper is right 99 percent of the time, I followed Hans' lead which proved to be right.

Redondo has a rich history. Our route there took us near Redondo Canyon, which starts to slope down just 525 feet offshore and drops to deeper than 1400 feet, about as far below as the nearby Palos Verdes Pennisula is high. Redondo Beach harbor is reknowned as a home for a rich collection of marine creatures including octopii and marine mammals. Aside from birds, on this trip we saw only one dolphin, which swam by to check us out.

 anti aging diary      anti aging diary

We had a tasty seafood lunch at the Redondo yacht club then sailed back to Marina del Rey for our après sail happy hour. Hans regaled us on the guitar, a satisfying end to a congenial day spent with friends.

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Last month, I mentioned that I was trying to get to the root of persistent back pain. In addition to swimming and more frequent stretching I’ve embarked on a series of chiropractic treatments, acupuncture and physical therapy that seems to be helping.

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