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April Sailing

There are few places more relaxing than the ocean. After a long work week skipper Evan Sandler invited me to join him and Alla Zhdanova on his sloop Salient for my first sail in months.

Despite the gloomy day, we ventured forth. Winds were moderate, the seas were flat and sailing was fun. In fact, the winds were favorable for a sail up the coast to Malibu on a single tack. We didn't come about until we went past the Getty Villa.

Evan had invited his father, Barry, a long time sailor, to also join us, but his dad declined and Evan wondered whether or not his father would bother to sail again.

It's not that sailing is a strenuous sport but it can be challenging. There are moments when we need our wits and physical energy to get through a situation, but I can't help but think that the a healthy attitude towards aging starts with a concerted attempt to keep engaged. I raced with one skipper who was in his late 70s. I had always taken his physical fitness for granted until one day after a tennis match I noticed him jogging around the park. I saw in him the same determination not to succumb to old age that motivated the many participants in the Senior Olympics that I interviewed for the anti-aging documentary "Reverse Aging Now."

I have to admit that after spending many hours a day writing and editing there are days when I have a hard time finding the energy for a workout, yet I do make that a priority. That's where friends can be a big help. I wouldn't have biked to the boat and gone for a sail without Evan's invitation, and I wouldn't have practiced tennis today if I hadn't been invited to a match tomorrow.

It's all too easy to get beaten down by life as we get older. It seems to take more energy to meet what life throws at us, but fortitude and determination are what we need to carry us past the physical limitations that will inevitably afflict us.

For now, as long as I can see to steer, and have the strength to pull on a sheet, I will keep sailing.



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