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Late Winter

The most intense winter storms of the season reached Southern California in early spring. I didn't ski this year until April Fool's weekend, which proved to be just that because that last slushy day took an encore with the best conditions I had skied on in a while.

This trip, I noticed a lot of people in their 20's and early 30's as well as diehards in their fifties and sixties, but few in the middle. I rode a lift with one older guy who told me that he had skied 58 days this past year, moving from mountain to mountain chasing snow that didn't stick around much.

On April 14th I went sailing with a friend. Perhaps he was intimidated by the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's sinking. When he confronted rough seas at the breakwater, he immediately turned around. We spent the next couple of hours sailing up and down Marina del Rey Harbor while to the east the snows of Mt. Baldy beckoned.


The next day I sped up to the slopes and spent a delightful day in pristine air far above the clouds replenishing the spirit with runs that challenged me.

It's all too easy to work without respite. Sometimes, it's essential to take a breather to attack the tasks of living with renewed vigor. I'm grateful that I'm able to still ski, sail, swim, hike, play tennis, and bike.


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