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April Sailing

It's possible to age well. I also think it's inevitable that we suffer setbacks. I did this past month. After a couple of hours of tennis one night my back felt a bit stiff, but not sore. Then the next day while shopping I bent low in the store to get some cheese from the freezer's lowest shelf. My back clenched and I could barely get up.

With fresh snow on local mountains, I had planned to spend the next couple of days skiing. I spent most of them in bed, writing in my chair and recuperating flat on my back. I tried to stretch it out with a swim. It barely helped. I did a few ground stretches with the same result. I did manage a couple of long walks through Hollywood and Venice .

As documented in the anti-aging DVD "Reverse Aging Now" (available at I should have visited a chiropractor, but the more than doubling of my health insurance left no funds for that treatment.

Recovery has been incrementally slow. I'm back to bike riding. A week after turning down one offer to go sailing, I did manage to make it out on the water with friends Evan Sandler and Brenda Varma. Two weeks after the fateful match, I managed to get back on the tennis court, although I didn't play my best, losing range on the court and feeling sore later for days.

I've actually had some relief from a 5% Lidocaine Patch topically applied, so if you suffer from back pain, consider this palliative yourself.

I've had to contend wit back problems since 1984 since their root is in an auto accident where my car was rear ended. Still, this month instead of sharing a tale of athletic prowess, I'm simply hoping to avoid constant pain, and shuffling around stiffly like an old man.

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photo of Paul Suchecki by Brenda Varma

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